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Naughty Clowns

by Nein Creed


Although Naughty Clowns looks professional, this four track EP by Nein

Creed, is definitely an Indie release.


Falling somewhere between the musical styles of Ministry and Sisterís of

Mercy, Nein Creed falls into a trap which many independent bands have to

deal with. Where to spend what limited money you have when it comes to

releasing an album or EP.


Obviously, Nein Creed sacrificed the quantity of music, for the visual

allure of packaging. With only four tracks on the EP, it is extremely

difficult to get a feel for the bands style and musical influence.

However, they do have a style which many people should enjoy.


Technically, Nein Creed is a solid band. There music is powerful, upbeat

and intense, and their lyrics are equally interesting. There are

however, a couple of areas which the band needs to focus on.


The first is singing. Despite a generally smooth delivery of the lyrics,

Reverend Soul, the bands lead singer, must work on improving his range.

A couple of the songs attempt to do this, however it usually seems to

forced and awkward.


Another area where caution and improvement is advised, is in their use

of samples. Generally, the samples they used seemed like a good idea

that got out of control. They tend to be too long in length, both

leading the listener away from the song and blurring the music and



Sampling works, and can greatly improve on a songís appeal and style, if

it is done properly. A basic rule of thumb for samples is to keep them

under 10 seconds, thereby implying the spoken words to the context of

your song and not its original source.


Overall though, Nein Creed has released a professional looking

independent release, which shows a great deal of musical potential. With

a little polishing, Nein Creed could develop a strong following in the

Goth and Industrial music scene.


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