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Bands that have submitted to Indiecan:

Ember Swift
Anything You Want
The Deal
Exit This Side
Nein Creed*REVIEWED*
Arden Jones
Sci-Fi Prodigy
Clint Cora
Run Chico Run
Amor De Cosmos
Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot
Gregg Lawless
Johny Popular
Sam Andreeff
Jeff Allan Greenway
The Speed Kings
Path of Allyson (U.S.A.)
Dizzy Spell (U.S.A.)

Welcome to IndieCan (the submission address is changed, and we have new reviewers on board - Scott)

Apply for IndieCan's "Best of Indie" award HERE

A sample review is done and posted.

Our first award!:

We now have a new survey, and a form to put you on our mailing list. Click HERE to go to it.

The reason we are creating IndieCan is to give Canadian indie bands feedback on their music, as well as something to use in bio's if it's good.

1. The Process: Send in your CD/demo/tape to the address below.

2. It will be reviewed by at least two staff reviewers, and then published in a monthly newsletter, as well as on this site. The newsletter will be sent out to HMV's across Canada, Clubs and record companies. Best of all, it's free!!! Also included in the publication will be articles pertaining to different aspects of the music industry (how to make a demo, promote your band etc..) and interviews with Canadian bands that have already "made it". Canadian Indie Music is a tough business to be in, anything we can do to help is a pleasure.


Craig Vallbacka, Trina Moses & Scott Stratten

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Canadian independent music has been supported times since October 18, 1997

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